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Mia's Moccs

We created Mia’s Moccs to provide great quality moccasins at affordable prices for new moms, moms with large families, low income families, families with special needs children and military families!

We know it’s hard to buy anything for your baby or toddler without spending a hefty penny – so it was extremely important that we could sell our moccs for affordable prices!

Mia’s Moccs Review by Stephanie Clairmont

My 18 month old loves shoes… seriously. I mean this boy, LOVES shoes. He’s not very picky either from shoes, sneakers, slippers, boots, he’s a just shoe guy. So I was really excited to get a pair of these beautiful little moccasins to see how he liked them. I received the ...
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Ashleigh Scott

Mia’s Moccs Review by Ashleigh Scott

I’m not sure if it’s just my daughter but she has a serious aversion to socks or shoes or really anything at all on her feet. This has been an ongoing battle between us since she first discovered she had feet! During the warmer months it wasn’t really a concern ...
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Dr. Daphne Pala

Mia’s Moccs Review by Dr. Daphne Pala

I was very excited when I heard I was selected as a tester for Mia's Moccs. What better way to bond with your baby than dress them stylishly!  My little boy loves getting dressed up. I never thought I would say that since my first son barely tolerated the process ...
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Dr. Stephanie Anisko

Mia’s Moccs Review by Dr. Stephanie Anisko

When I first went online to see what Mia’s Moccs were about, I was so excited to see how adorable they looked. The variety of colours and patterns of moccasins were suitable for both girls and boys.  I was very happy with the owners Kim and Alyssia’s story and appreciate their goal ...
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Sabrina Sorochan

Mia’s Moccs Review by Sabrina Sorochan

Who doesn’t love a nice comfy pair of shoes? And who said comfort has to mean sacrificing style? There is no loss in style with Mia’s Moccs. They come in a variety of colours and patterns (it’s worth taking an online trip to www.miasmoccs.com, loving the new camo and watermelon moccs!).  ...
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Laura McCarthy

Mia’s Moccs Review by Laura McCarthy

I was so excited to receive our Mia's Moccs in grey for Weston. I had been looking for moccasins for him for fall and loved the variety of great solid colours offered on the website. I find it so difficult to get accessories for my son without characters or kiddie patterns all ...
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