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Munch Mitt

Suddenly your sweet, smiley little bundle of joy has turned into a cranky, drool-y munch monster – oh the joys of a teething baby!  Enter the Munch Mitt… the undroppable, unstoppable teething mitt. Made with food grade silicone, BPA and Phthalate free, the mitt is both convenient for parents and fun for babies.  Give your little one the gift of self-managing teething relief and yourself the gift of free hands!

Sabrina Sorochan

Munch Mitt Review By Sabrina Sorochan

I am a new mom of a 3.5 month old beautiful baby girl, Mary. Like most new moms, a million questions have gone through my mind, am I doing this right, what do I do if this happens, how do I stop her from doing that, etc.  It feels like a ...
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Harmony Legere

Munch Mitt Review by Harmony Legere

We are in love with our new MUNCH MITT ! My five month old daughter has not yet had any teeth break through but is still experiencing a great deal of teething symptoms. We have tried many other teething toys but have not found one that can keep her attention, ...
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Jennifer Viherjoki

Munch Mitt Review By Jennifer Viherjoki

As my three month old is starting her journey into teething, the Munch Mitt Mini has arrived at a perfect time. Instead of sucking on her fingers, she can now chew on the mitt and ease the pressure on her gums. Even though its still a little heavy for her ...
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Kristen Hodges

Munch Mitt Review By Kristen Hodges

The timeliness of the munch mitt arriving at my door couldn't have been more perfect.  My 5 month old little guy just started teething but he's not able to properly hold teething toys just yet. This has left him with discomfort he can't relieve on his own. I was delighted when I ...
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Danielle Hodges

Munch Mitt Review By Danielle Hodges

​I was sent two different sizes of the Munch Mitt.  One was for 3-8 months and the other (called Munch Mitt Mini for little teeny tots and preemies) was for 3-6 months.  ​ Unfortunately my daughter is just a touch too old! She's almost a year in April. Gosh time ...
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Ashleigh Scott

Munch Mitt Review By Ashleigh Scott

As any mom can confirm the pain of teething is a horrible experience for both baby and parent. It starts long before any teeth actually appear, and carries on long after both parties have lost their sanity. I have been in this phase since my little one was about 4 ...
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