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Ashleigh Scott

Munching Monster Chewlery Review by Ashleigh Scott

My daughter started using the, Munching Monster Chewlery: at four months, and absolutely adores it.  When I initially received the, ...
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Ginette Simoneau Headshot

Munching Monsters Review by Ginette Simoneau

After using the Munching Monster Chewlery with my 5-month-old daughter for the past few weeks, I have found that it’s ...
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Elyse Murray Headshot

Munching Monsters Chewlery Review by Elyse Murray

I was so impressed with the Munching Monster Chewlery! I received an elephant one that allowed my daughter to put ...
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Stefanie Knights headshot

Munching Monster Chewlery Review by Stefanie Knights

My daughter loves the soft rubbery feel of the Elephant Chewie Clip by Monster Munching Chewlery and will chomp away ...
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Jennifer Battah

Munching Monsters Chewlery Review by Jennifer Battah

My son, who is now one, has been teething since he was two-months-old. Feeling like we’ve exhausted all options, we ...
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Marissa Arnold Headshot

Munching Monster Chewlery Review by Marissa Arnold

Our Munching Monster Chewelery Chewie Clip could not have come at a better time.  Our baby has just sprouted his ...
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