“My Kid Says the Darndest Things” Review by Ashleigh Scott2016-01-13T17:53:42-05:00

Ashleigh ScottWhen I received my notebook “My Kid Says the Darndest Things” I realized instantly that this was something I had been in need of for far too long.

Being parents to a very spirited and witty 5 year old girl has left us in stitches more times than we can count. Sadly though I have had to wrack my brain on numerous occasions trying to recall all of those hilarious sayings and priceless observations she has thrown at us over the years. I always think I will remember that moment but life gets busy and before I know it my husband and I are desperately trying to remember exactly what was said and how. We always say “why didn’t we write that down!” thankfully this book makes it easy to take that moment, jot it down quickly and store it somewhere safe forever.

With entries that include the name and age of the child you can also use it to document more than one child which is great and it features lots of pages so you can write down all of those funny moments without worrying you may run out of room. That being said I do wish there was a little more space for each entry as I tend to write a bit bigger and sometimes need to write down the circumstances surrounding those moments so I can really appreciate how funny and smart our kid can be. I also worry that because this book will be within reach at all times it might get a bit banged up being a softer cover, and I wonder if a slightly more durable cover would help it stand the test of time. On a positive note the material of the semi hard cover has a slight sheen so it can be easily wiped down when it inevitably encounters a spill on my counter top.

Overall I think this book is a great item for any parent and it would be a perfect add on to a gift for a 1 year old. That way your friend or family member is ready when their little one comes up with some comedy gold.