“My Kid Says the Darndest Things” Review by Kristen Hodges2015-12-01T00:40:08-05:00

Kristen HodgesAs soon as I received the journal “My Kid Says the Darndest Things,” I immediately started writing down all the hilarious things my 2 year old has said over the last little while.

This whimsical book is a great alternative to constantly asking my husband what that cute thing was that she said the other day!  I also like that I can use it for multiple children, kind of like a one-stop shop for cuteness.

The set-up of the book is simple, which is fantastic, but it may be a little too simple! A short introduction explaining how to use the journal may seem redundant to some but would probably be helpful for others.  One final consideration is that because this book seems to be designed as a keepsake, developing a hard cover option might be ideal. The current design may get slightly beaten up over time!

Overall, the idea is simple and relevant and I’m grateful to have a storage place for memories from now on.