“My Kid Says the Darndest Things” Review by Madeleine Alaouze2016-01-13T17:54:06-05:00

Madeleine AlaouzeWhen I first received the book ‘My Kid Says the Darndest Things’ I was not very confident that I would use it.

I have never been very good at keeping things in writing for my kids. I have several unfinished baby books and scrapbooks lying around waiting to be completed. I guess the problem is that in this day and age everything is virtual and online, posted to social media for all to see. I often post funny conversations I have with my four year old to my Facebook page and have a good chuckle when I read it back.

It got me thinking though…what about ten years down the road when my daughter and I are reminiscing about how funny she was at a young age. Am I to rely on social media to still have my post after all those years? Probably not.  That is where this book comes in handy.

“My Kid Says the Darndest Things” is a great keepsake for any family. It is a easy and painless way to record hilarious conversations you have with your little’s. No more trying to remember that cute and funny thing your little one said a week ago. Instead you can write it all down when it happens. What is great about this book is that it outlines everything you would want to record on one page. It has space for the date, the name and age of your child, the who, when, and where of the conversation, what was said and what the outcome was. So it really takes all the thinking out of making memories. The book is a good size and is not bulky so it could easily be kept in your purse or bag to take with you on the go. This would be a great gift any mom or family member, a great keepsake for a special birthday or milestone. As the logo says, ‘ Write it today, cherish it tomorrow.’ As a mom of two very chatty little girls, I approve this product.