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How many times have you struggled to remember something really cute that your kid said a few weeks or months ago?  This is usually accompanied by a nagging feeling that you ought to be writing down all this verbal gold.

Never regret not jotting down those cute and quirky quotes that your child is saying ever again!  Introducing “My Kid Says The Darndest Things.”  A great keepsake journal for parents created by School Smarts.  You don’t need any special  writing skills and each section is short and to the point so that you don’t have to think of things to say to fill up all the space.

Our journal is designed especially for busy parents and it can be used for more than one child.  “My Kid Says the Darndest Things” is a fun attractive book that you will be proud to tote around to help you create fabulous memories for your family.

Ashleigh Scott

“My Kid Says the Darndest Things” Review by Ashleigh Scott

When I received my notebook “My Kid Says the Darndest Things” I realized instantly that this was something I had been in need of for far too long. Being parents to a very spirited and witty 5 year old girl has left us in stitches more times than we can ...
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Madeleine Alaouze

“My Kid Says the Darndest Things” Review by Madeleine Alaouze

When I first received the book ‘My Kid Says the Darndest Things’ I was not very confident that I would use it. I have never been very good at keeping things in writing for my kids. I have several unfinished baby books and scrapbooks lying around waiting to be completed ...
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Kristen Hodges

“My Kid Says the Darndest Things” Review by Kristen Hodges

As soon as I received the journal “My Kid Says the Darndest Things," I immediately started writing down all the hilarious things my 2 year old has said over the last little while. This whimsical book is a great alternative to constantly asking my husband what that cute thing was ...
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Lori Barker

“My Kid Says The Darndest Things” Review by Lori Barker

Moms have great memories, but can’t always remember all of the details.  My Kid Says the Darndest Things serves as a written time stamp of all of the things we wish, as moms, we could remember, but can’t.  The cover of the book is colourful and inviting, which instantly caught ...
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