Petit Coulou Review by Jody Bose2015-11-14T19:22:05-05:00

Jody BoseThe Petit Coulou Original design is very well crafted. It allows for an easy fit around the car seat without any interference with the baby on board.

The best part about the Petit Coulou is how fast and easy it is to zip up for those freezing Canadian winters. The baby remains nice and warm from point A to point B. I love it because as a mother of two young children I am always in a hurry and the Petit Coulou is so simple to use.

The quality of the Petit Coulou is excellent as the stitching is very strong and the fabric is nice and thickly lined. The use as a car seat cover is exactly what mommy and baby are looking for not only in the fall but in the winter. Such style!