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Rocking Blanket

Marissa Arnold Headshot

Rocking Blanket Review by Marissa Arnold

We received our Rocking Blanket just in time for our first vacation with our 9-month-old baby boy. I decided that I was going to bring it with me through the airport and on the plane to give it a good ...
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Stefanie Knights headshot

Rocking Blanket Review by Stefanie Knights

When I first received my Rocking Blanket, I'll admit I was slightly intimidated. There seems to be a lot of fabric and various folds and straps. However, shortly after reviewing the tutorial on the back of the packaging, it was ...
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Elyse Murray Headshot

Rocking Blanket Review By Elyse Murray

Upon receiving the Rocking Blanket, I couldn’t believe how soft it was. The material that was used along with the colour selections just made the blanket not only useful but also stylish. My baby girl is 5-months-old and has to ...
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Crystal Jardine Headshot

Rocking Blanket Review by Crystal Jardine

I received my Rocking Blanket by mail and when I pulled it out my initial thought was that it was very soft and the colour was beautiful followed by, oh my, not another wrap to get myself tangled in! I ...
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Ginette Simoneau Headshot

Rocking Blanket Review by Ginette Simoneau

My past few weeks of trying out the Rocking Blanket, has been something of pure enjoyment. As a first time mom to a now 4-month-old baby girl, I have found it to have a lot of little key helpful points ...
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