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Give Yourself the Gift of Sleep

Do you have to rock your baby to sleep every night?
Does you baby refuse to sleep in their crib?
Are you finding it hard to cope with all the night waking?
Does your toddler refuse to stay in bed and sleep alone?
Sleeping baby

As a sleep consultant with over 25 years of experience, Nanny Robina will provide you with an effective schedule and teach you techniques that will have your infant or young child sleeping through the night. From nap time troubles to night waking, Nanny Robina has helped thousands of families all over the world overcome their sleep issues.

As a parenting expert, Nanny Robina will coach you and provide you with the best tools for making positive, long-lasting changes. Through one-on-one coaching, Nanny Robina will help you become the parent you really want to be by developing your parenting skills and making parenting easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable.

What is a Sleep Consultation?

A sleep consult is discovering why your baby wont sleep, and fixing the issue with support & guidance in a gentle manner topped off with a great big hug.

How Does a Consult Work?

After discussing your needs and concerns, Nanny Robina will:

  • Adjust naps to suit the correct nap times based on baby’s age and needs.
  • Teach parents how to get from a 15 minute cat nap into a healthy 1.5-2 hour nap!
  • Correct daytime feeds in order to eliminate hunger at night, which can be the cause of  baby waking.
  • Eliminate night feeds if needed (based on weight and age of baby).

Once all of the above is completed, sleep training may not be needed. You will make changes together, one at a time in order not to cause any anxiety to yourself or baby. Once all the little habits that are causing a sleepless baby are corrected, Nanny Robina will move onto sleep training if needed.

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Skype Consultation, Phone, & Email
Meeting with parents/caregivers over Skype to address questions and concerns. (60 mins)
Evaluation of the child's sleep (a 24-hour log will be required)
Create a customized sleep plan
Follow-up emails
Unlimited support for 7 days
Feedings scheduled, assistance with weaning if needed
Two follow-up phone calls (15 mins each)
In-Home Consultation
In-home consultations will be considered based on your circumstances and location
Sleep issues for baby and child
Personalized parenting plan
Potty training
Food issues
Introduction to baby food
Toddler Shenanigans
For past clients only
30 mins call
5 days of unlimited emailing

Mother sleeping with baby - Nanny Robina Sleep Coach“When my son was born, I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep for a while. But what one of my mommy friends had called “interrupted sleep” didn’t come close to describing what my husband and I went through: It was more like being awake all night every night with a couple of interruptions for a half-hour of sleep. This went on for four months – until, that is, we hired Nanny Robina.

She helped us put our son onto a schedule, and within five days he was sleeping 12 hours at night and three hours during the day – and it took very little crying. Her secret is constant online support as you try to implement the schedule.

Of course I had spent hours reading about infant sleep. I knew all about the importance of putting baby down awake and establishing a sleep routine. But I didn’t know just how structured that routine needed to be and to keep tweaking the schedule during the first few days as baby adjusts to the new rhythm. Baby woke up 15 minutes into that first nap that was supposed to run 45 mins? No problem. Email Robina and she’ll get back to you right away with a modified plan that ensures your little one still get her three hour of daytime sleep. That kind of constant, real-time feedback is what sets Robina apart and what makes her services absolutely worth the money. Trust me: She knows what she is doing and she is going to change your lives.

Erica (Toronto)”