Sleep Country Pillow Fitting Review by Nanny Robina2016-03-08T12:17:08-05:00

Nanny RobinaWhen I was asked to do a review on a pillow fitting, I could not be more excited. Pillows have been a nightmare for me. I have about 15 pillows in the closet to date and was still in search for the ultimate pillow when Sleep Country Canada called.

In the past I have found that shopping for a pillow is as difficult as shopping for the perfect bra – time consuming and a huge loss of money as I always pick the wrong one.

The day I went for my pillow fitting I did not make an appointment. I walked in and my usual contact was not working that day so I was assisted by Valerie.

Let me start by saying how knowledgeable Valerie was. There were so many facts  pointed out to me on how to purchase the correct pillow, I truly had no idea it would entail so many details to look for. For example, the kind of bed you have plays a factor in how your pillow sits and fits If you lay on a soft bed your pillow may sink into the bed differently compared to laying on a firm bed.

Once we found the bed most like the one I have at home, Valerie brought pillow after pillow for me.
For each pillow I laid on, Valerie  would stand behind me.  “I am a side sleeper”  she would tell me, based on how my body was not in alignment with certain pillows that I thought felt comfortable, but turned out it had been my mistake many times in the past.

She informed me that my head was too high, my chin was in my chest. Eventually I found the perfect pillow for me and it took all of 15-20 minutes! Time well spent.

Not only was it perfect for my body, my sleep position, it also keeps my head 300x cooler than the average pillow!! Love that part of my new pillow as I get very hot at night.

Now I can see the importance of getting educated by someone in the bed and pillow field, and how important it is to have a bed to lay on when you’re shopping for a pillow. You just can’t choose and purchase a pillow by punching at it with your fist over a plastic bag, or trying to lay on it against a wall in the store!! YOU NEED A BED, you need to lie down on the pillow, and for the life of me I can’t think why I have not thought of this before now!

Sleep is so important! With poor sleep you just don’t function to your best ability (I know that I don’t), poor sleep makes me cranky, and by 2pm I’m not even nice to those around me!

As a sleep coach it is important for me to know how to help my clients. After sleep coaching their babys, parents too need to learn how to get a better sleep.

I will be adding to my list of changes needed  for better sleep, the importance in finding  the perfect pillow with expert  help, and how with the help of Sleep Country I got a better sleep for myself!