Snug-A-Baby Review by Jessika Brennan2016-03-08T12:18:55-05:00

Jessika BrennanAs a mom of three I have had several moments of “I wish someone would invent …..” The Snug-A-Baby is for certain one of those items.

I have spent countless days using blankets, towels, pillows – you name it, behind my child to support his/her body while using an Excersaucer, high chair, etc. spending more time fixing my slouching child than allowing her to play and explore.

The Snug-A-Baby took those problems away and set my mind at ease. Upon placing the item around her torso she immediately was able to sit with a straight back instead of the typical slouched spine.

Over the course of our trial week I noticed an improvement in her balance and core muscle strength.

The Snug-A-Baby has this moms approval!