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Stephanie Clairmont

Stephanie Clairmont is a registered dietitian, entrepreneur, regular guest on The Social, and mamma of one amazing little boy. As a previous IBS-sufferer herself, Stephanie helps people heal their bodies with real food and reduce awful and uncomfortable digestive symptoms. Whether she’s writing on her blog, coaching other professionals, teaching cooking classes or appearing on The Social, Stephanie focuses on delicious, nourishing food to heal the body and the soul. Find out more about Stephanie at

Mia’s Moccs Review by Stephanie Clairmont

My 18 month old loves shoes… seriously. I mean this boy, LOVES shoes. He’s not very picky either from shoes, sneakers, slippers, boots, he’s a just shoe guy. So I was really excited to get a pair of these beautiful little moccasins to see how he liked them. I received the ...
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OVer Review by Stephanie Clairmont

For the past couple weeks I've been using the Blue Jay Stripe OVer with my one-year-old son. I really love this OVer and wish I had it sooner when my babe was little! When he was in his carrier car seat, I struggled to find a cute, functional cover so ...
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Giraffe Baby Review by Stephanie Clairmont

As a mom of an 11 month-old, I’m concerned about what toxins we are bringing into our home from cleaners to beauty products to toys. I pay special attention to the containers and dishes we serve and store our food in. We mostly serve my little one Deakon in small ...
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