Rocking Blanket Review by Marissa Arnold

We received our Rocking Blanket just in time for our first vacation with our 9-month-old baby boy. I decided that I was going to bring it with me through the airport and on the plane to give it a good test. The Rocking Blanket did not disappoint.  This blanket was a great option to [...]

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Rocking Blanket Review by Stefanie Knights

When I first received my Rocking Blanket, I'll admit I was slightly intimidated. There seems to be a lot of fabric and various folds and straps. However, shortly after reviewing the tutorial on the back of the packaging, it was very clear  to see how the blanket worked and it was easy use. The [...]

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Rocking Blanket Review By Elyse Murray

Upon receiving the Rocking Blanket, I couldn’t believe how soft it was. The material that was used along with the colour selections just made the blanket not only useful but also stylish. My baby girl is 5-months-old and has to be rocked to sleep no matter where we are. As a bonus she loves [...]

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Rocking Blanket Review by Crystal Jardine

I received my Rocking Blanket by mail and when I pulled it out my initial thought was that it was very soft and the colour was beautiful followed by, oh my, not another wrap to get myself tangled in! I was very pleased to find a video on, and after watching it I [...]

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Rocking Blanket Review by Ginette Simoneau

My past few weeks of trying out the Rocking Blanket, has been something of pure enjoyment. As a first time mom to a now 4-month-old baby girl, I have found it to have a lot of little key helpful points and usages. I  liked to use the sleeve part so my daughter's head has [...]

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PiyoPiyo Review By Ashleigh Scott

One of the most challenging parts of raising my first daughter was potty training her, so the idea of taking on this milestone again with my toddler filled me with anxiety. Luckily, I was introduced to the PiyoPiyo multifunction deluxe potty trainer and it has managed to make the process a lot less painful [...]

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PiyoPiyo Review By Melissa Bajwa

Bathing a newborn is a never an easy task for a new mom, let alone an experienced mom. They are tiny, squirmy, and most likely screaming as soon as you undress them; so finding a bath tub that can make mom or dad feel a little more comfortable is very important. Upon waiting for the arrival of [...]

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Let There Be Sleep

Let There Be Sleep Sleep has to be the number one problem with babies worldwide. We appear to have an epidemic of non-sleeping babies. If you're baby is not sleeping you are not alone in thinking “what did I do wrong?”, “what did I do to deserve this”, or even thinking “my baby has [...]

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How to Wean Baby from Pacifier

The pacifier - you either love it, hate it, or both. At times it has been a life saver to you for those fussy baby days, tantrum toddler days, and beyond! It has many names such as "the soother", "the suckle",  "the num-num", In the U.K. we call it a "dummy", but whatever you call it, [...]

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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Brush, brush, brush, away, brushes away the tooth decay - If only it was that easy! Unfortunately, many parents are not aware that letting kids sip on sugary drinks or putting them to bed with a bottle of milk can be very harmful to their teeth and gums. Fairway Plaza [...]

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