Back to School Lunches, Kids Take Charge!

After the first few weeks of school, the novelty of making school lunches and coming up with new ideas is long gone and becomes another stressful task. Why not have the kids take charge of making their own lunch? Doesn't this sound like a parent's dream? Teach your children how to decide on what they [...]

Back to School Lunches, Kids Take Charge!2017-05-09T12:53:51-04:00

How to Avoid a Food War

Food glorious food! For many of us this is how we see food; a pleasure, a love affair with a bowl of your favorite food at your favorite time of day. If only babies and toddlers could feel the same way... I happen to think, and believe, that children and babies are fond of food, and, if [...]

How to Avoid a Food War2016-03-08T12:54:36-05:00