PiyoPiyo Review By Shelby Hughes

As a new mommy I was excited to try out these products  Slip- Proof Three - Section Plate. My son just turned 8 months old but has been enjoying food since he was 4 months.  He loves food and has a curious palate and will basically eat anything. When I saw the three sections [...]

PiyoPiyo Review By Shelby Hughes2017-07-07T13:45:43-04:00

PiyoPiyo Review By Leah Earle

I’m a mom of two boys under three. Mealtime is a huge deal in our house. My boys love food and can eat a surprising amount for their small statures! I love to try new products to help make meals more fun for my kids and easier for me. When I received the PiyoPiyo [...]

PiyoPiyo Review By Leah Earle2017-07-07T13:44:43-04:00