The Nap, No nap, No sleep

Sleep solutions:  For  many babies and sleep,  it's typically a timing issue; you have to hit that exact moment. I do feel  the beginning of the yawn, may indicate that you missed the sleep window. At that point, they're overtired and too wired to fall asleep. I am not a fan of watching for [...]

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Steps to Better Sleep

1. From Distractions, to Calm  Babies need to wind down, just like you. So start getting into a calm mode, dim the lights, and turn off the TV about 30 minutes before bed. 2. Scheduling Choose scheduled activities, like a bath or book to do each night. This sends a strong message that sleep time [...]

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Do I Really Need to Rock My Baby Back to Sleep Every Time She Wakes?

When you hear your baby's cry, it might just mean that he's mildly frustrated or settling in his sleep. Checking on him can make the problem worse, especially if he wasn't awake to begin with. I have been a sleep consultant for 35 years and in that time I have heard the strangest noises when [...]

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