OVer review by Kristen Hodges

Let me start by saying that my 5.5 month old little guy will not nurse under a cover. Needless to say,  feeding him while I'm out is always a challenge, so I didn't expect much when I brought along the OVer nursing cover for a day out. I was genuinely surprised when it came time [...]

OVer review by Kristen Hodges2016-04-14T13:53:05-04:00

Munch Mitt Review By Kristen Hodges

The timeliness of the munch mitt arriving at my door couldn't have been more perfect.  My 5 month old little guy just started teething but he's not able to properly hold teething toys just yet. This has left him with discomfort he can't relieve on his own. I was delighted when I put the mitt on him [...]

Munch Mitt Review By Kristen Hodges2016-06-21T09:32:00-04:00