PiyoPiyo Review By Ashleigh Scott

One of the most challenging parts of raising my first daughter was potty training her, so the idea of taking on this milestone again with my toddler filled me with anxiety. Luckily, I was introduced to the PiyoPiyo multifunction deluxe potty trainer and it has managed to make the process a lot less painful [...]

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PiyoPiyo Review By Amanda Dowswell

When we received the PiyoPiyo 2 stage stylish potty my 2-year-old daughter was so excited. She loved the duck design of the potty and wanted to try it immediately. We have been slowly trying to potty train but now she seems excited and interested in potty training. We both love that it can be [...]

PiyoPiyo Review By Amanda Dowswell2017-07-07T13:55:49-04:00

PiyoPiyo Review By Melissa Bajwa

Bathing a newborn is a never an easy task for a new mom, let alone an experienced mom. They are tiny, squirmy, and most likely screaming as soon as you undress them; so finding a bath tub that can make mom or dad feel a little more comfortable is very important. Upon waiting for the arrival of [...]

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PiyoPiyo Review By Shelby Hughes

As a new mommy I was excited to try out these products  Slip- Proof Three - Section Plate. My son just turned 8 months old but has been enjoying food since he was 4 months.  He loves food and has a curious palate and will basically eat anything. When I saw the three sections [...]

PiyoPiyo Review By Shelby Hughes2017-07-07T13:45:43-04:00

PiyoPiyo Review By Leah Earle

I’m a mom of two boys under three. Mealtime is a huge deal in our house. My boys love food and can eat a surprising amount for their small statures! I love to try new products to help make meals more fun for my kids and easier for me. When I received the PiyoPiyo [...]

PiyoPiyo Review By Leah Earle2017-07-07T13:44:43-04:00