TaLii Towels Review By Jennifer Viherjoki2016-01-13T17:47:22-05:00

Jennifer ViherjokTaLii Towels are amazing. I have been using the bath sheet, as well as the bath towel, for life here at home but also at the cottage.

Kids are constantly in and out of the water at the cottage, and having a dry towel available for them to use to stay warm can be quite a challenge – especially if the cottage is a distance away from the water or the air temperature is not warm enough to dry out their towels quickly.

The TaLii Towel is warm and dries quickly after each use. It soaks up an impressive amount of water from dripping bathing suits, and dries my sons’ skin rather than spreading the moisture around. This is pretty amazing considering how thin it is.

In addition to its ability to keep my son warm after swimming, it is perfect to travel with as it doesn’t take up as much space when packed. This means that there is more room in the suitcase for other items.