TaLii Towels Review By Nanny Robina2015-11-24T12:54:28-05:00

Nanny RobinaI first came across TaLii Towels at a friend’s cottage. I was immediately impressed with the size of the towel as I wrapped it around myself and still had ample to spare! 

It felt kind of strange at first and I knew it was not the usual type of towel, this felt “different.” The towel took no time at all to dry which surprised me as I am someone who keeps my house cool and my own towels never dry from one shower to the next!

I used the TaLii Towel for the hot tub and the gym, and loved it. I found it ideal for this purpose. However, at home out of a warm bath tub… not so much. At bath time I prefer the big fluffy bath towel when I get out of the tub whereas my partner Frank preferred the TaLii Towels.

When we travel, which is often, we ALWAYS take our own beach towels as it helps us to identify our loungers on the beach -yes we have lost our loungers many times! The fact that the TaLii Towel takes up so little space in our luggage will definitely have me using TaLii Towels for all my trips, among other uses such as listed in this review.

TaLii Towels have an amazing collection of colours to choose from and there is a colour to suit everyone.