After years of trying to conceive, my beautiful son finally arrived and I just couldn’t get enough of holding him! So much so that I unfortunately taught him to fall asleep by rocking him in my arms…. He could not fall asleep without at least 20 minutes of rocking prior to all naps, bedtime, and after all night feedings and night wakings. Furthermore, if I didn’t time the transfer to his crib precisely when he was in a deep sleep, he would immediately wake up and I’d have to start the whole stressful 20 minute ritual over again! I swear, I was spending my life in a rocking chair! I distinctly remember one night when he woke up a record 6 times!!! I was so frustrated, tired and irritated that I was finding it very difficult to enjoy the baby that I had been waiting so long for… I had finally had enough and was willing to do whatever it took to teach my son to soothe himself to sleep. So, as my son was approaching 10 months, I decided to seek the help of Nanny Robina. After keeping a 24-hour log of his daily schedule and submitting it to Nanny for review, she suggested changes to his feeding, nap and bedtime schedule and then coached me in great detail through the cry-down technique. The first day was tough – I put him in his crib awake for his first nap of the day and he cried a whopping 68 minutes prior to finally falling asleep. But that was enough to teach him and that very first night, he slept the entire night (12 full hours) without waking up once! And he has been sleeping 12 hour nights ever since. Putting him down for naps is also a breeze, without a single cry or protest! I would not hesitate to recommend Nanny Robina for baby sleep training. She gave me my sanity and has allowed me to truly adore motherhood! And my well-rested son is such an absolute joy to be around! Thanks Nanny!

~ Dr. Natalie Dugas, Sudbury, Ontario


“I don’t know how to thank you enough nanny Robina! I was in such a rut with her sleep and you have helped us out so much!! My hubby and I actually get to sit down on the weekend and watch movies together. Thank you so much again. I know things aren’t perfect yet, but nothing ever is and my goal was to get her to fall asleep on her own.” ~ Janice Rafferty, Toronto

“After many months of sleepless nights and frustration in the attempt to get my daughter to sleep on her own, I reached out to Nanny Robina for help. What seemed like a hopeless cause, with Nanny Robina’s guidance, it slowly started to turn for the better. I can honestly say that the advice I received not only helped me gain the confidence to take control of the situation, it also helped me in those “challenging moments” where I previously felt helpless. Although this remains an ongoing process, thanks to Nanny Robina’s support and wisdom, I am finally getting the sleep I so need and my daughter is far better falling asleep at bedtime and sleeping throughout the night.” ~ Diana Kelly, King City

“I wanted to say ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!!’ I checked my email on Saturday morning at 7am after Layla woke up and was excited to see your recommendation. I printed off your routine and stuck it to the fridge. We followed it very closely that first day…. And get this….she fell asleep at 7pm! I could not believe it! Your routine was easy to follow, and honestly, 2 small simple changes and VOILA! She went to bed so early! It’s truly amazing.” ~ Camillia Courts, BC

“I am so happy to have both babies sleeping and on a great routine, Nanny Robina you rock.” ~ Sophia Ladak, Oakridges


“Aird & Berlis LLP had Nanny Robina attend our office to conduct a lunch and learn seminar to provide our staff members with her many tips and tricks on raising young children. Not only was this lunch and learn one of the most well attended events we have had, it was also one of the most informative!! Nanny Robina was very well prepared and knowledgeable in all areas of raising little people. The real plus was that she gave a very frank and realistic perspective on how things should be done. Parenting is not an easy job, however, attendees of this seminar walked away with many things that they could add to their parenting tool belt. As the event organizer, I found Nanny Robina to be very pleasant to deal with and went out of her way to ensure that she was meeting the needs of our firm members. She was able to tailor her seminar to the specific questions our employees had. I would not hesitate in recommending Nanny Robina for your next event.”
Cynthia Kelly, Human Resources Generalist

“Stikeman Elliott LLP was pleased to have Nanny Robina join us for a special lunch and learn session during which she shared her considerable knowledge, experience and insights on raising children. She was very well-organized, prepared and tailored her presentation around the questions we most wanted answered. Nanny Robina provided practical tips and resources on how to deal with the many parenting issues we all experience (and worry about), including sleep, discipline and finding suitable childcare. She provided useful handouts and had goody bags for everyone filled with great products to try.”
STIKEMAN ELLIOTT LLP Barristers & Solicitors
Shanin H. Lott, Director, Recruitment & Education

“Nanny Robina you are the best, everyone speaks so highly of you in the group and really loved your advice and ideas. Thank you so much for all your help we all greatly appreciate it.”
Sonja Chilcott
Whitby Brooklin Meet Up Group