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Ultimate Mom Pillow

Enjoy the Ultimate in rest, relaxation and recovery with Ultimate Mum Pillows, throughout your pregnancy, and long after, providing Better Sleep, Recovery from lower Back Pain and Strain, to lower Pelvic Area Recovery. Our pillows also provide Nursing and Feeding Capabilities, as well as a Personal Lounger and Baby Lounger.

Dr. Stephanie Anisko

The Ultimate Pillow Review by Dr. Stephanie Anisko

As a chiropractor, I often treat women who are pregnant or who have had children. Pelvic, mid, and lower back pain are complaints from these patients during pregnancy and after. During pregnancy a woman's body goes through many changes in posture, center of gravity, and hormones that will loosen ligaments in ...
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Jenny Peter headshot

The Ultimate Pillow Review by Jenny Peter

When Nanny Robina asked me if i would like to test one of the Ultimate MUM Pillows I jumped at the chance. My story is a little different as my baby days are long over! I was just recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I have a long road of ...
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Angela Krapez headshot

The Ultimate Pillow Review by Angela Krapez

The "Snuggle Up" from Ultimate Mum Pillows is truly the ultimate nursing pillow every mama would ever need. As many new moms can relate too, the first few days of breastfeeding a newborn is a sharp learning curve especially while recovering from childbirth.  The "Snuggle Up" provides excellent support and comfort ...
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Erica Moore headshot

The Ultimate Pillow Review by Erica Moore

Having just entered my second trimester, I now have begun to understand the restlessness and discomfort that can interrupt a pregnant woman’s ability to have a good night’s sleep. Between random aches and pains, general stress, and multiple trips to the bathroom, I was beginning to feel like I was losing ...
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